Angies List Testimonials

** PAM REAGAN was unbelievable. She was wonderful. Within five hours she organized my entire house. She was timely and followed up to make sure things were okay.

** Pam is professional, personable, honest and the hardest working person I've ever encountered! It's hard to get her to take a short break! She's analytical, focused and NON-JUDGMENTAL in assessing your needs as she sees it; however, she is also a good listener, very low key and won't press her values on you. These are essential qualities for someone doing what she does. She takes pleasure and satisfaction in a job well-done. She wants you, the client, to find freedom and relaxation in cleaning up your clutter. I could say a lot more, but, suffice to say: don't wait any longer...hire Pam and enjoy life much more by getting rid of stuff you don't need but haven't gotten rid of!

** I have known Pam Reagan for over thirty years during which time she has helped me immeasurably with her calm efficiency, creativity, loyalty, discretion and generous humor. She is impeccably honest: I have trusted her with both my house and my children. In recent years Pam has become a professional organizer. Her personality and talents are a perfect match for this occupation. When Pam lived in California, she helped me for many, many hours with my incurable clutter. She was never flustered, never judgmental. She gently encouraged me. We made a lot of progress.

** Pam comes to your home and lets you take the lead. Once you've outlined what you want, she then makes suggestions: she went room by room with me. In each room, she categorizes stuff, puts categorized items in boxes/containers, separates what's TO GO and what's TO STAY and what might be donated. None of it is rocket science, no, but she does what YOU DO NOT DO! She wants you to work alongside her, so that she can move more quickly, getting information from you as to what items are important to you, what you're undecided about, what you want to dump immediately! You feel empowered, you feel "I can DO this!" It can even be fun! It was not was energizing and I congratulated myself on making the best call I've made in a long time. JUST DO IT!